Torque Wars!

A National Dyno Torque Shootout 

A competition for all motorcycles

What is Torque Wars?

TORQUE WARS is a National Motorcycle Dyno Torque Shootout!
Similar to a horsepower shootout but better. Focusing on what is real and most important for daily riders : TORQUE!

Starting in March and going into October Participating Dyno Centers will host TORQUE WARS shootouts at their events through out North America.
Runs will post on the online leader boards after they are processed and inspected by us.
We’re starting with basic classes for engine size. However, as we move forward, we’ll be adding more classes and even some sponsored classes.

To enter your motorcycle in TORQUE WARS, run your bike on one of the participating dyno centers during the active dates of the event.

Check our Calendar for a Torque Wars event near you

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“Horsepower is an illusion; Torque is the source of all things real.”
Chris Hickson

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