Torque Wars!

A competition for all motorcycles

Torque Wars Rules

Torque Wars Participating Dyno Center rules and guidelines.

There are only three simple rules for TORQUE WARS Participating Dyno Centers (PDCs):
  1. Dealer or Dyno Operator level members of the Daniels Performance “Members Only” Site are pre approved.
    Other Dyno Centers need to be reviewed before approved. 
  2. All PDC dynamometers must be pre-approved by TORQUE WARS.
  3. All entries must be uploaded to the Torque Wars Server via the upload form

All PDCs will enter honest and legal runs with submissions to entered via the upload form. PDCs are responsible for ensuring the that the bike’s engine size and make/model are correct. PDCs are responsible for noted forced induction or NOS. TORQUE WARS retains the right to inspect and re-dyno any bit submitted. Cheating or failure to allow inspection/re-run of bike may result in disqualification. All entries must abide by the entry rules and regulations.

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